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JusticeLeague: superman_kisses_ Diana

Taking a GOOD look at the comic cover photo, two things may have come to your mind,
  1. Why would Superman do this with Princess Diana? or the other Question
  2. Both of them look cute together.
Well, they both look cute together in the Heroic view but I would still ask, what happened to Lois Lane?
By the way, in the Justice League #12, coming up this August 29th, Geoff Johns is bringing together, the two superheroes, Wonder Woman and Superman "as a couple". Causing a strong impact among superheroe ad villains in the Comic Universe.

The cover was prepared by Jim Lee, so if you are asked the second Question, actually, Mr. Lee thinks "if only more bondage elements were added, they would have looked a little more romantic or passionate"

 He also states he dislike trends of these "demigods" coupling with each other in superhero comics, where are the Humans? So he concludes, "DC would definitely bring Lois and Clerk (Superman) back together in good relationship."

Comicments thinks... This intriguing issue is all part of what makes the story long,,, right? Clerk and Lois can stay, while pre-existing and New superheroes come... and Go.

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