» » » » » ROBIN RISES - Peter J. Tomasi Unveils The Return of Robin!

After a long time of disappearance from DC comic Universe, The Writer Of BATMAN and ROBIN had finally announced the return of Robin.
However, if you're still pondering which Robin it is...
It's Damian Wayne!

This will be the End of Sad News from issues in THE NEW 52 that were released last year where ROBIN was said to Die trying to Save the world.
The Publisher of the comic series said Robin's death will be felt for a long time across each of the publication's titles, and Indeed, all felt it, but that won't be anymore.

Check out  Peter J. Tomasi's Tweet just yesterday, 20th Oct. 2014 :D

The cover for the issue was made by Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray
The Release of Robin returns is coming with a story-line named "ROBIN RISES" for Batman and Robin #38. According DC comics, He'll be back this time with Super powers & the issue is already scheduled for readers this December, it's all Good News so we hope ya'll Ready for Full Fun ;)

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